Present: Rich Q, Rich J, Troy, Craig, Ernie, Jake L, Sandy, Cheryl


Approval of August Minutes: Minutes approved


Treasurer’s Report: Troy looked over the record keeping of the past 2 years and found the books to be in order and well maintained. As of 7/31 we have $19, 778. 18 in our account.  As of today we have debit of 660.00 this was withdrawn by Rich Q for insurance. $45 debit and $45 payment by a player. Once the $660 is taken out we have $19,112.18. We want to get another account for the travel to Europe. Rich J is resigning as treasurer as of tonight and will be ready to transition this role to the new treasurer at the next meeting.


-          NESHL updates- We need a scorekeeper for home games and NESHL supplies the refs. We’ll have

the same 3-4 refs all year.


-          USA Hockey Numbers reminder- Laurie, Cheryl, Rich Craig and Sandy has to do USA hockey forms

must be completed  with USA hockey # submitted to Rich Q  ASAP



-          Goalie equipment: we need a blade system, a glove, blocker,  left-right stick, helmet, and

large chest pads

Rich Q makes a motion to purchase blade system. Board approved. Rich made a motion to

purchase equipment. The board approved. purchase gloves, blocker, left-right stick and helmet.

The board approved.

A motion was made that we buy a blade system for the razor. The board approves.

We will use grants to purchase new sleds and competition sled.

-          Insurance update- It’s paid

-          New Account for European Trip Money-Rich Q has a donation of $5,000 for the European trip from

Procidio. Rich J will deposit into our current account. New treasurer will separate into new account

when it is set up. $182.99 from Pay Pal and $45 for a total of $5,227.00.

-          Norwich Tournament update- We don’t have confirmation from all 4 teams. Jake and Troy will get

confirmation by the end of this week 9/16. If not we will cancel ice time on Friday and Sunday and

keep Saturday for 4 slots and get 2-3 teams to come and play.

-          Vermont Sled Hockey Day update- October 13th from 10:00-4:30 in Montpelier we will have a scrimmage with other VT team or regional sled hockey  players. From 12:30-2:30 we would have a demonstration to introduce people to sled hockey. And at 3:00 we will have a practice. Rich Q has reached out to Bob Johnson head of athletics and VT principals association to hand out our brochures and he is willing to help us. Reached out to Sled Dogs to attend. Get flyers to Willowbrook, local schools, central VT NEA, VT adaptive, yankee medical, Medical store, FB, WDEV, The World, local papers

-          NY Sled Hockey Camp updates- September 21, 22, 23. Troy and Jake K are signed up. Ernie, Jake L, Rich Q, Kyler need to sign up. There is is link on the CVP website. 2 vehicles will go, not getting the VT adaptive van that weekend

-          Brochure-Rich has created 2 brochures 1) general hockey for event on 13th and 2) a more specific one for our Euro tour. They look great!

-         Fundraiser-$610  was made at the Camp Meade fundraiser after expenses.  We still have the opportunity to take over You Bet Your Ice. We could raise $20,000 with this fundraiser.

-         Annual Registration Fees-Some player felt that the fee was too much and not all player paid it.

Need to donate money or time. $160 per year for dues or 8 hours of active volunteer time per

season. We need to assign someone to keep track of volunteer hours per player. Kyler?

We will continue offer a scholarship to those who cannot pay or donate time.

-         Re-organization of the board at the next meeting. We will elect new officers.




Task to be completed? Who will carry out? By what date?
USA Hockey Forms and # to Rich Q Cheryl, Laurie, Craig, Sandy 9/14/18
Order new blade system,  glove, blocker, helmet, and large chest pads Ernie will purchase pads and equipment at Thygeson’s


Jake will order blade system

Warn that the next meeting is an annual board meeting to elect officers Cheryl 9/21/18 and 9/28/18
Ask Albany Stride and Shamrocks to play in Oct tournament Jake L 9/16/18
Ask Masena NY to confirm for tournament Troy 9/16/18
Sled Hockey Demo Day info to media Troy-WDEV

Rich Q- Schools/ brochure/ VT Principal Association and reach out to David Santamore to get something in the World